Day: June 21, 2016

Trailer for Jack Pierce, The Maker of Monsters  (2015)

Another little morsel for you before our upcoming monstrous BookTalk event, a film-screening and discussion of James Whale’s Frankenstein (1931), on the 30th June. Below is a trailer for a documentary that focuses on the man behind the incredible monster make-up, Jack Pierce.     Pierce worked … Continue reading Trailer for Jack Pierce, The Maker of Monsters  (2015)


From a Review of Mendel’s Dwarf 

Mendel’s Dwarf is an unusual piece. It’s a work of science fiction in the strict sense, but without any of the familiar traits of the genre. It is scientific literature in the literary sense but not the scholarly one; it’s a novel with footnotes that is in a hurry. Its narrator annotates his text with references because he is a scientist and that is how scientists write. But they do not write with the overtone of horror, and the unmistakable implication of looming disaster, that Simon Mawer sustains throughout his story.

— Marek Kohn, writing in the Independent, 18 July 1997