BookTalk event, 11th June 2018: Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights

Our final BookTalk event for the Spring will celebrate the bicentenary of Emily Brontë with a discussion of her only – confirmed – novel: Wuthering Heights.

When Wuthering Heights was published in 1847, one reviewer remarked that ‘the reader is shocked, almost sickened by details of cruelty, inhumanity, and the most diabolical hate and vengeance.’ He concluded by saying ‘[w]e strongly recommend all our readers who love novelty to get this story, for we can promise them that they have never read anything like it before.’

Like her intricate and avant-garde novel, Brontë fascinated and confounded many of her acquaintances and readers. Of her sister, Charlotte Brontë memorably wrote that an ‘interpreter ought always to have stood between her and the world.’ Since then, Brontë’s life and her novel have been subject to endless reinterpretation by writers, filmmakers and artists from across the world.

This BookTalk event will feature three expert speakers who will shed light on the life, literary work, and cultural legacy of the woman known as the ‘sphinx of our modern literature…whose riddle no amount of research will enable us to read.’ The speakers are:

  • Dr Amber Pouliot (Harlaxton College), a Victorianist with interests in the Brontës, Victorian afterlives and literary tourism. She will be discussing incest fantasies about Emily and Branwell Brontë in interwar biofiction and biodrama.
  • Dr Catherine Paula Han (Cardiff University), a Brontë and adaptation studies specialist. Her presentation will focus on the enigma of the second generation of Earnshaws, Lintons and Heathcliffs in Wuthering Heights.
  • Dr Márta Minier (University of South Wales), a researcher and lecturer in translation, adaptation, European drama, theatre, literature and culture. She will be discussing the reception and reinterpretation of the Brontës within Europe and Hungary.

The Format of Cardiff BookTalk

Each of our speakers will present a 10-15 minute talk, explaining how their research intersects with our chosen book, and then there is an opportunity for (always lively!) audience questions and discussion. To make the most of the session, you may like to read or reread Wuthering Heights.

PLEASE NOTE THIS MONTH’S VENUE: This event will be held in Cardiff University’s Main Building, with tea, coffee, and biscuits at 6.30pm in the Viriamu Jones Gallery (the main reception area) before the main event at 7.00pm in the Wallace Lecture Theatre (0.13). To get to the VJ Gallery, approach through the central entrance of Main Building; after the reception, guests will be guided directly to the Wallace Lecture Theatre. If you’ll be joining us only for the main event, enter through the South entrance of Main Building. The Wallace Lecture Theatre is an accessible space.

Tickets are free and all are welcome! Book your spot here.

Image credit: Emily Brontë by Patrick Branwell Brontë, oil on canvas, arched top, circa 1833, NPG 172 © National Portrait Gallery, London

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