Dickensian Series Two: What Could Have Been…

Speaking to Tim Rayment of The Sunday Times shortly after the conclusion of the first series in February 2016, Tony Jordan revealed some of his plans for the future of Dickensian. Sadly, the series was not renewed, but the following extract gives a flavour of what we might have been able to expect from a second series:

The ghost of Jacob Marley is to haunt a second series of Dickensian, the BBC soap described as “the riskiest show on primetime TV”.

Tony Jordan, the writer who created the genre-bending drama — the first season of which ends tonight — has sketched out 20 new episodes on 150 Post-it notes stuck up in his garden shed.


“I don’t think there’s anybody more in awe of Charles Dickens than I am, but as a writer, occasionally, not all of his characters are three-dimensional, shall we say,” Jordan ventured last week.

The first series featured 28 characters from the works of Dickens and the second is expected to introduce many more, including David Copperfield as a 90-year-old man conversing with Oliver Twist.


Jordan said the second season of Dickensian would include characters he was “gutted” not to explore in the first, including Abel Magwitch from Dickens’s 1861 novel Great Expectations.

“Characters like Magwitch are quite fascinating for me, because he’s such a big part of that novel and yet we don’t really know much about him,” he said.

You can read the full article here.

3 thoughts on “Dickensian Series Two: What Could Have Been…

  1. The first series was so well written, I loved it, however writers are not limited to one channel these days! If the BBC won’t sanction a second series, then take it elsewhere!

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